BGI offers expert club assembly and a same day repair and ship service.

If you have your club components in hand and wish to send us your items for repairs or club assembly, please complete BGI’s Repair and Assembly Order Form below.


After you’ve submitted your order, just box and ship your club components to:

Baltimore Golf Incorporated

9576 Deereco Road

Timonium, MD 21093


Please Note: For club assembly of any items included in your online purchase, you can fill in the installation fields upon checkout and the club assembly fees will be applied directly to your order. Your purchase will ship from BGI fully assembled!

Questions? Call us at 1-800-822-1202!

Our Service Menu:


  • Adjust Loft/Lie Iron
  • Adjust Loft/Lie Putter
  • Adjust Loft/Lie Wood
  • Tighten Loose Head
  • Remove Rattle in Shaft
  • Change Swingweight Lead Tape
  • Change Swingweight down Shaft (includes grip save)
  • Lengthen or Shorten Club
  • Save Grip for Re-use
  • Labor to spine a graphite shaft
  • Labor to remove head only from graphite shaft
  • Shaft Prepping Labor

IRON GOLF REPAIRS                                                      

  • Remove Shaft broken flush w/ hosel
  • Bore Iron Hosel (specify size)
  • Rechroming and/or Regrooving Irons: Call for a quote!
  • Custom Wedge Grinding (specify degrees of bounce/type of grind)

REGRIPPING LABOR                                                                   

  • Labor (Add $2.00 for leather)


  • Custom Putter Shaft Bending for Putter (plus cost of shaft)
  • Labor for Putter (putters with ball bearings add $10)
  • Labor for Iron
  • Labor for Hybrid
  • Labor for Wood
  • Labor for Thru-bore Clubs (Callaway & Titleist)
  • Labor for Saving Graphite Shaft

CLUB ASSEMBLY                                                            

  • Graphite (labor only)
  • Steel (labor only)


  • Refinish Painted Metal Wood Heads
  • Refinish Wood Heads
  • Remove Rattle in Head
  • Replace Hosel Whipping
  • Reset Soleplate/Insert (each)
  • Repair Damaged Wood Face
  • Replace Inserts/Pour-in-place (Cycolac)
  • Change Swingweight under Soleplate
  • Clean up and Reseal Head


BGI Club Repairs and Assembly Order Form