PURE Putter Grip


No hard or sharp edges!

  • The PURE Classic Putter features a mimized, flat paddle design.  Made with our exclusive PURE Tack rubber compound, this smooth grip encourages a lighter grip pressure while providing maximum responsiveness and feedback for truer putts. Black Only – Weight: 68.5g
  • The PURE Midsize Putter offers optimal tackiness and feedback.  This larger diameter putter grip was designed to provide maximum comfort and better control on the green. Weights: 81.5g-90.6g
  • The PURE Oversize Putter was engineered for increased control, comfortability, and performance on the green.  Its reduced taper design and substantial grip weight encourages a lighter grip pressure for smoother, more consistent putting strokes. Weights: 116.8g-129.5
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  • Sizes: Classic (Standard), Midsize & Oversize
  • Materials: 100% Proprietary Rubber Blend
  • Weight Variance: All PURE grips are made to industry leading +/- 1 gram weight tolerances
  • Colors:
    • Standard/Classic: Black with limited availability in Caddie Blue, Player’s Green and Driver White
    • Midsize and Oversize available in 7 colors: Pure Black, Driver White, Titanium Gray, Rhythm Red, Caddie Blue, Pitch Purple & Player’s (Eagle) Green
  • Texture & Feel:  Smooth, Soft and Tacky

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