Frequency Filtered Putter Shafts


The new Frequency Filtered™ putter shaft amplifies touch and feel. And if you like to feel every putt, then you are about to feel real good. This radically new putter shaft design improves the ability of all players to perceive or feel where ball impact occurs on the face. This instantaneous feedback results in improved putting ability since the player learns to consistently stroke more putts on the sweet spot of the putter. Feel becomes clearer and so does the confidence to make solid contact to sink more putts.

Filtering Diffuser in the mid-section filters out higher, unwanted vibrations. Therefore, only the true feeling of the ball impacting the putter face is released to the hands.

Interlinked Carbon fiber in the butt-section creates a tremendous amount of hoop strength for a consistently solid feel in the hands.

Steel tip-section makes the shaft a perfect fit for the hottest putter heads on the market.

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Description Flex Weight Butt OD Tip OD Tip Parallel Length
580P2B1P P 106g 0.580″ 0.370″ 0.0″ / 2 Bend – 1 Plane 35.75″
580PST P 106g 0.580″ 0.370″ 0.0″ / Straight Tip 35.75″
580PTA P 106g 0.580″ 0.355″ 0.0″ / Taper Tip 35.75″

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