ALT470 Wood/Driver


The ALT470’s super flexible stiffness profile allows even the slowest speeds to load the golf shaft properly resulting in increased launch angles, higher spin rates and longer hang time. This all adds up to greater distance for the swing speed impaired. The ALT470 is offered in two flexes, the A2 (senior squared flex) and L2 (ladies squared flex). Each of these two flexes is much softer than the typical senior and ladies flexes but constructed with our hoop wind surface layer making this shaft more stable and therefore playable than any other super flexible shaft available.

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Model Flex Length Weight Parallel Tip Torque Tip OD Butt OD Bend Point
ALT470 Senior 46″ 52g 5.0″ 6.0 .335″ .580″ Low
ALT470 Ladies 46″ 47g 7.0″ 8.0 .335″ .580″ Low

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